Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sister Sewing Follow-up

Ooooo I love your formerly secret projects! The color of the sheer rayon/lycra knit is really lovely. If the little snip bothers you I guess you could lower the neckline a bit? I have two recently-made tshirts that have tiny snips at the cuff, but I'm pretending I don't notice. We will soon need to have Close Proximity Day of Sisterly New Outfit Promenade!

The Bristol Blouse is almost done, it just lacks hems, buttons and buttonholes, which will have to wait for the weekend, I'm afraid. I'm pretty happy with it though I remember now what I don't like about this pattern. The collar requires VERY precise stitching and there is NO room for error. I need a large boulevard of error-room, so the collar isn't quite perfect, but I can live with it. No one but you and I will know. Unless Louise Cutting or Loes Hinse invades my personal space. I'll post pictures on Saturday or Sunday.

Long Distance Sister-Enhanced Day of Much Sewing Productivity was very fun and useful - it helped keep me on track and not be distracted by the lure of my book. Currently reading: Eric Larsen's In the Garden of Beasts It's kind of clumsily written - lots of foreshadowing and intimations of doom to come, but the story is so interesting I'm willing to forgive him.

Let's sew "together" again soon!

xoxoxo, Sis


Annie said...

Oh, goody! A promenade! How about the waterfront in Tacoma, with some nice fishy nosh?

Sis said...

Mmmm....I still think about the clam chowder that we had with the little float of sherry on top. So delicious!