Annie's Divine Divinity collector's edition

I am collecting things from around the game -- furniture, plants, globes, salt and pepper shakers.  Anything interesting that isn't tacked down, and that I won't get in trouble for stealing.  Here's the first picture.

A couple of days later:  As it turns out, there's really not all that much that is both steal-able and interesting, but I did make one glorious heist.  First, here's a picture of the throne room at Stormfist Castle.

And here's a picture of the stolen thrones and bench.

Although it was actually quite easy to do, I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself.  I even stopped to have a chat with Duke Janus on the way out.  If being threatened and and having my parents defamed can be called a chat.  You're going to get yours, you little brat.

Update, a few years later:

I now have THREE thrones.  Guess where I found the third one.


Lots of chairs 
Even more chairs
Fruit and pumpkins
Fruit and honey

Dwarven furniture and pillows

Elven furniture

Poisonous tea and chemists' supplies (herbs, powders, pickled hands and intestines)
Many pork dinners and 1800 pounds of dirty dishes

Miscellaneous pictures

Source fountain

Oh, bollocks!  I've been polymorphed into a frog.

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