Monday, January 16, 2012

Stupid Buttonholes

Excuses, excuses. M came home and decided that since Snowpocalypse is imminent, we needed to go grocery shopping - lay in supplies of essentials such as Toblerone bars and grapefruit soda. Along with everyone else in North King/South Snohomish counties. And of course, when in Lynnwood, one goes to Yeh Yeh's for banh mi - Vietnamese sandwiches, BBQ pork in this case. I am now so full I don't think I can reach the sewing machine to make those stupid buttonholes. Ay, ay, me duele el estomago! I will attempt them later in the day! No, really.
xoxo, Sis

Return to Sister-Enhanced Sewing

Oooo! Are you there, Sis? I've got the "invalid" fed and he seems comfortable, so it's time to return to sewing. Here are a couple of pictures of the state of my current project, Silver Moon.

Annie - So pretty! I particularly like the pocket flaps and the seaming in the back. That fabric is so unusual. It looks as though it should be stiff, but I know how soft it is. You will look fabulous in this.

My goal for the day is to get three little buttonholes done. How hard could that be...?

xo, Sis

Thanks, Sis!  But if you get three little buttonholes done, you will probably have done more than me.  I'm returning to nursing for the moment.  And I think I'll go kill something in Skyrim.

oxox Annie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long distance sewing

Dear Annie -
So I finished the Pamela's pencil skirt! Of course it's the easiest kind of skirt to sew, so no triumph of stitching skills there, but I think the success of this kind of skirt is in the fit and in the choice of fabric. Score and score. And talk about nearly instant gratification. I ordered the pattern last Friday, got it on Tuesday. Saw the fabric on EmmaOneSock on Tuesday, got it on Friday. Outfit ready for work on Monday
I'm wearing it with the Loes Hinse Criss Cross top in a peculiar green cotton knit. For some reason, this weird green that should go with nothing, goes with everything. Purple? But of course. Blue? Naturally. I wish I had more of it.
Over the criss cross top is Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8559, made with black cotton knit and black mesh knits, bought at her booth at Sewing Expo in Puyallup last year. I have high hopes for stocking up on fabric again this year at her booth.
An easy day of sewing produces great satisfaction! Would that it were always so painless.
xoxo, Sis
p.s. O dear, I just looked at the photos and realized I'm standing so that the LH top is twisted. I'm not really that hunchy. One should never look at photos of oneself

PPS.  Sis's husband liked the outfit so much he made a reservation for tonight at Ivar's Salmon House so she can debut it. -- xoxo, Annie (who will get canned soup and a Hostess cupcake for dinner)

Annie weasels out!

Let's see. Last time we did a distance sew, I got a migraine. This time my excuse is having spent half the night in the Emergency Room with a sick husband. All is well now, but if I had to sew right now I'd probably sew my thumbs together.

Oh no, poor youse guys! I hope all is well or at least well drugged..ahahahaha

In your honor I am bravely continuing on alone with Solo Sister Sewing Day. Skirt is cut out and the side seams and darts basted and ready to fit. I like this pattern because she has pushed the front and back waist darts closer to the side seams, thereby minimizing any possible stomach pooch that might occur (had one a poochy stomach), and making it easier to fit. I stupidly cut it a little short so it will have a skimpy hem, but I think it will be fine. The fabric is very pleasant to sew. It's soft and has a tiny bit of surface texture. It shall be worn with black boots and tights.

I'm pausing now for lunch: a latte and potstickers. So global!

xoxo, Sis

Friday, January 13, 2012

Long Distance Sister-Enhanced Day of Much Sewing Productivity number 2!

Actually two days of Long Distance Sister-Enhanced Sewing, on Sunday and Monday. Sis lives in north Seattle and Annie lives in south Tacoma (worst luck), so sewing in the same room doesn't happen very often. But that doesn't mean they can't sew together anyway. I wonder what they will create.


Annie -
It's snowing like crazy here! I'm in the midst of Saturday chores, but here is what I'm planning to work on tomorrow:
It's a pencil skirt from Pamela's Patterns; I've used her tshirt pattern before and been really happy with it, so I'm excited to try the skirt.
The fabric is a great black and white knit from EmmaOneSock. Once the skirt is fitted it will be an easy sew. Ummmm...I know I said I wasn't buying anymore fabric til Sewing Expo in Puyallup but who could resist this tres mod stylized houndstooth?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pam's Christmas sewing

My friend Pam had a busy, productive time before Christmas making lovely felt ornaments.  And now that Christmas is past, no suprises will be spoiled if I put them all up on the web.  Thanks for letting me post them, Pam!  They are a beautiful collection.

Flocks of pretty birds

Flights of Stars

Isaiah's star

Lily's star

Zeke's star

Luke's Star

Fun Animals

Swirls of, um, swirly things

And Ethel Merman

A Pretty Christmas Tree

And a Very Clever Pear

The Apple

My special Christmas present

My special Christmas present finally arrived today!  Her name is Gigi and she's beautiful.

And of course, a new Nutcase to go with it, modelled here by Voltaire.