Monday, May 30, 2011

Sister Memorial Day Sewing Pledge

Sis's pledge: I pledge to do my best to finish super secret black mystery garment and to get one more item at least cut out. Apres of course delicious breakfast somewhere swell.

Annie's pledge: I pledge to get as much of new project, Afternoon Stroll, done as possible.
Afternoon Stroll from Emma One Sock
Will they keep their pledges?

Oh no! Annie throws in the towel! I have a migraine and I'm out of silk organza which I need for interfacing. And even without a headache, there's no way I'm going to find silk organza in Tacoma. Wah!

Let's wait and see how Sis is doing.

While Annie is languishing in headache-land Sis is having a productive day. She says "We can sew vicariously. We are working on Vogue 8559! I am using a black wool double knit for the back and some black sheers for the fronts, sleeves and trim. I'll send some pictures of the fabrics later in the afternoon. I have the body and sleeves done, I'm just pondering my trim fabrics and deciding how I want to use them. I don't think I can get a good picture of it...I might have to come drape it on Dahlia to get a shot. I am trying to practice slow sewing and get everything sewn and trimmed just right. Louise would be proud - my sleeve stripes match.


Sis says: Neck/front band back on and looking nice. I've basted the bottom band on using the large polkadot mesh that I used for the neckband. Hmmm...not sure I like it. Maybe it's a little bit circus?

Meanwhile, Annie, in her disappointment over the day, is looking forward to bed time.

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Sis said...

"Afternoon Stroll" makes me wish I were on vacation in a sunny clime. Well, not too sunny. Cloud cover but balmy. Not too balmy....