Old home economics books (and everything else)

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Art in home and clothing / by Mabel B. Trilling and Florence Williams. (Lippincott's home economics texts).  Lippincott, 1928.

Beginning lessons in domestic science : Muskegon High and Hackley Manual Training School / prepared by Grace Whitney Byington ; revised by Lula M. Owen, Harriet M. Dean. Dana Printing, 1915. [Former owner Marguerite Buit (or Marguerite Dykema) who was born in 1902 and died in 1990]

Drawing of a cow by a former owner, perhaps young Marguerite. Most of the pencilled notes and recipes in the book are in one hand and seem to match her name on the inside front cover.

Recipe for the world's tiniest cornbread. Any idea how to get 1/6 of an egg?

The box book / by Hazel F. Showalter ; illustrated by the author.  Macmillan, 1935. [Former owners:  Sarah C. Musser, Doris Schoener]  [From the blurb:  "This Cheap Edition is possible through the use of plates of the original edition published at least two years ago."]  See my review on Amazon.


The business of being a housewife : a manual to promote household efficiency and economy / edited by Jean Prescott Adams.  Armour and Company, 1917.

Care of clothing : home laundering, dry cleaning, dyeing, remodeling, the upkeep of clothing, the budget. (Woman's Institute library of dressmaking). Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, 1925.

Charm by choice / Ruth F. Wadsworth.  [Rev.]  The Womans Press, 1939.  [With original glassine cover]

The child housekeeper : simple lessons with songs, stories, and games / by Elizabeth Colson and Anna Gansevoort Chittenden ; music by Alice R.Baldwin ; illustrations by Alice Leonore Upton ; introduction by Jacob A. Riis.  A.S. Barnes, 1903.  See my review on Amazon

Common sense in the household : manual of practical housewifery / by Marion Harland. Scribner's, 1889.  This book has several lined pages bound in the back with handwritten recipes from at least two former owners. This one is for Delicious Peach Cream and calls for a pound of canned peaches rubbed through a sieve, gelatin, and a teacupful of rich cream.

Pasted on the inside of the back cover are newspaper clippings of several holiday menus, plus "A Christmas pudding of long ago" and a recipe for hard sauce. I doubt "salted crackers" appear on many modern holiday menus. Nor can I see myself seeding a cupful of raisins.


A selection of pineapple recipes from the Boston Transcript (published until 1941), including pineapple fritters. At the bottom is an advertisement which reads "Of all blood purifiers, JAYNE'S ALTERNATIVE is the surest and safest." Jayne's Alternative was a patent medicine that claimed to cure 25 ailments including skin disease and cancer.

Construction work for rural and elementary schools / by Virginia McGaw.  A. Flanagan Company, 1909.

Domestic science principles and application : a textbook for public schools / by Pearl L. Bailey. [Rev.] Webb Publishing, 1923. [Previous owner: Dorothy Wilson]

Dora's housekeeping / by Miss E.S. Kirkland [Elizabeth Stantsbury Kirkland].  A.C. McClurg, 1899.  [Inscription:  Helen Dayton [?] from Mamma, June 19 '08 [?]]

The Edinburgh handbook of housework / Edinburgh College of Domestic Science. Nelson, 1934. (Former owner: Florence MacDonald)

Elementary home economics : first lessons in clothing and textiles, foods and cookery, family relationships, the care and management of the house, the care of children, home nursing and health / by Mary Lockwood Matthews. [Revised edition] Little, Brown, 1926.

Foods and home making / by Carlotta C. Greer. Allyn and Bacon, 1939.  [New ed.]  Just look at these wonderful endpapers!


Foods and household management : a textbook of the household arts / by Helen Kinne and Anna M. Cooley. Macmillan, 1915.

This page is why I love non-clean copies of books. I want lots of personal stuff like this. This book belonged to "Florence McKay, class of '17," and on the left is what she wrote on the inside of the back cover: Florence McKay I wish I could go home. Doesn't that just pull on your heart strings? Poor little Flo!

The f-u-n book / by Mabel Gunnip La Rue ; illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham.  [Rev. ed.]  Macmillan, 1930. [Reprinted dated July 1940.]

Gardening for little girls / by Olive Hyde Foster.  Duffield & Company, 1917.  [Former owner: Wendy Bracewell, 634 Campus Dr., Stanford]    Hi, Wendy!  See comment at the bottom of the page

Georgie Henschel's book of the well-dressed woman / introduction by Wynford Vaughan Thomas ; with 16 photoplates and 24 drawings by Denis Rich.  Phoenix House, 1951.

The girl today, the woman tomorrow / by Lucretia P. Hunter. Allyn and Bacon, 1932.

A girl's problems in home economics : healthful clothing, dress design, clothing construction, interior decoration, household textiles, care of the home / by Mabel B. Trilling, Florence Williams. Lippincott, 1926.

Handbook of dress and childhood : a complete home-study course comprising Textiles and clothing /by Kate Heintz Watson ; Study of child life / Marian Foster Washburne ; Care of children / Alfred Cleveland Cotton. American School of Home Economics, 1912.

Hidden treasure.  Postum Cereal Co., 1925.

Home economics : a guide to household management including the proper treatment of the materials entering into the construction and the furnishing of the house / by Maria Parloa. New York : Century Co., 1898.

Home economics in the elementary and secondary schools / by Agnes K. Hanna. Barrows and Co., 1924. [Former owner:  Mildred Stockdale]

The home economics omnibus / by Florence LaGanke Harris and Hazel H. Huston. Little, Brown, 1936.

Household arts for home and school. Vol I. The family budget, care of the baby, home furnishing, textiles and sewing, selection of clothing / by Anna M. Cooley and Wilhelmina H. Spohr. Macmillan, 1920.  [From the preface: "The authors are indebted to the illustrators, Professor LaMonte Warner, and Mr. and Mrs. M. Petersham [Maud and Miska] for the splendid work in interpreting the spirit of these lessons."] [Former owner: Margaret E. Moore]

Household arts for home and school. Vol. II. Care of the home, cooking and serving, selection of food, laundering, hospitality / by Anna M. Cooley and Wilhelmina H. Spohr. Macmillan, 1926.  [Illustrated by Maude [sic] and Miska Petersham] [Former owner: Alveria Weaver Rex, born May 28, 1916, died November 1981]

Household science and arts / by Josephine Morris. American Book Company, 1913.

The housewife's book.  Daily Express, [1937]

Housewifery / by Kathleen E. Fletcher. (The modern housewife series). Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, 1932.

The junior gardener / by Dorothy W. Greene and Rosetta C. Goldsmith ; illustrated and lettered by Sylvia Weil. Vanguard Press, 1934.

Well, this may not really belong on this list, but it's so charming I had to put it in.  Let's stretch a point and call it "housewifery."

Let me fix it  a handbook of brief, clear directions for saving time, money and nerves in housekeeping, general repairing, tinkering, caring for a wardrobe, cooking gardening and other usual and unusual daily tasks / by May E. Southworth ; illustrated by Melita Ahl Phillips.  William Morrow, 1927.


Manners and conduct in school and out / by the Deans of Girls in Chicago High Schools.  Allyn and Bacon, 1921.  ["By Fanny R. Smith"]  [Former owner:  Mae Louise D.]

The mode in dress and home / by Dulcie Godlove Donovan. Allyn and Bacon, 1935. [From the foreword: "Eulalie, the illustrator"]

Cool endpapers!

The mode in dress and home / by Dulcie Godlove Donovan. [Rev.]  Allyn and Bacon, 1947.  [From the foreword: "Eulalie, the illustrator"]

Our share in the home / Laura Baxter, Margaret M. Justin, Lucile O. Rust. Lippincott, 1947.

From the front fly page

Fresh, wholesome, happy

Former owner's comment: "Whistler's mother's daughter"

Yeah, right.  I really don't like the 40's.

Parties in wartime / by Louise Price Bell.  Fleming H. Revell, 1943.

Programme, Westfield Domestic Science School and Household Appliance Exposition. McClure Publications, 1915.

Saturday mornings : a little girl's experiments and discoveries; or, How Margaret learned to keep house / by Caroline French Benton.  Dana Estes & Company, 1906.  [Penciled comment by a former owner:  "I have red 15 pages."]


The science and art of homemaking / by Mary Winifred Cauley. American Book Company, 1945. [Olga G. (Ford) Norris, West Springfield, Mass, 1-18-47]

A shorter course in housewifery / First Officer A. Margaret Kaye. Dent, 1951.

Study of child life / Marion Foster Washburne. (Library of home economics, a complete home-study course , v. XI). American School of Home Economics, 1907.

A textbook of domestic science for high schools / by Matilda G. Campbell. Macmillan, 1914.

Three hundred and one things a bright girl can do / Jean Stewart.  Sampson, Low, Marston, 1911.

The turned-into's : Jane Elizabeth discovers the Garden Folk / by Elizabeth Gordon ; illustrated by Janet Laura Scott.  [19th ed.]  Volland, 1920.  [Former owner:  Anne MacGowan, 229 Orange Road, Montclair N.J.]

Vogue's book of smart service and table settings. Condé Nast Publications, 1930.

The wayside book / written and illustrated by Gilbert Rumbold.  Methuen, 1934.  See my review on Amazon.

The wayside book : a book for ramblers, campers, and all wayfarers / edited by Heather White and R. Francis Foster ; with decorations by Margot Folliott.  C. Arthur Pearson, 1932.

When mother lets us cut out pictures / by Ida E. Boyd ; illustrated by the author.  Moffat, Yard and Company, 1915.  [Cover title:  When mother lets us cut pictures]


When mother lets us give a party : a book that tells little folk how best to entertain and amuse their little friends / by Elsie Duncan Yale ; illustrated by Ada Budell.  Moffat, Yard and Company, 1909.

When mother lets us tell stories / by Enos B. Comstock ; illustrations by the author.  Dodd, Mead, 1924.

When mother lets us travel in Italy / by Charlotte M. Martin.  Moffatt, Yard and Company, 1912.  [Former owner:  John Lodge]

Woman's wrongs : a counter irritant / by Gail Hamilton.  Ticknor and Fields, 1868.  As you can see, some (hopefully long dead) misogynist has changed the title to read Woman is wrong.

And a totally gratuitous picture of the book pocket, because I've never seen one like it.

The wonderful lunch boxes / [illustrated by Shirley Kite]  Postum Cereal Co., 1925.




Your home and you : unit course in home economics / by Carlotta C. Greer. Allyn and Bacon, 1948.


Anonymous said...

'Gardening for Little Girls' was a terrific book! I think it was bought for me at a Stanford Elementary School field day some time in the early 1960s, unless it came with the Campus Drive house, which had been owned by a Stanford entomologist & botanist, Isabel McCracken.

Wendy Bracewell

Annie said...

Well, I amazed that the book found its former owner! Would you be interested in having it again?