Old cookbooks

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1001 ways to please a husband : the bride's cookbook / Myra Waldo ; illustrations by Grambs Miller. Collier Books, 1958.  Well, you can't exactly call this plagiarism, but the title is almost the same as "Thousand ways to please a husband," and scattered through out the book are "diary" entries, recounting Jane's and Peter's first year of marriage.  Just like Bettina and Bob.  With no mention at all of the earlier books.

The bachelor and the chafing dish, with a dissertation on chums / by Deshler Welch ; drawings by Francis Day and George R. Halm.  F. Tennyson Neely, 1896.  "Containing some valuable recipes gathered from fascinating sources in cookery -- triumphs of well-known bon vivants in clubs, yatching circles, Army and Navy, and the dreams of fair women -- Heaven bless 'em!"  [Former owner:  Emma L. Farrer June 1903]

A bachelor's cupboard, containing crumbs culled from the cupboards of the Great Unwed / collected by A. Lyman Phillips ; drawings by Will Jenkins.  John W. Luce, 1906.  [Inscription:  Rosa B. Key]

Bettina's best desserts / by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron ; illustrated by Elizabeth Colborne.  A.L. Burt, 1923.  [Inscription:  To Adeline from Ellis and Eva"]

Bettina's best salads and what to serve with them / by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron. A.L. Burt, 1923. A lovely book, but sadly no story with this one. "Marjorie Rankin - September 16, 1926 - Boothy- "

Boston School Kitchen text-book : lessons in cooking for the use of classes in public and industrial schools / by Mrs. D.A. Lincoln. Little, Brown, 1909.

The Butterick cook book : with special chapters about casserole and fireless cooking / edited by Helena Judson. Butterick Publishing, 1911.

I don't know who the original owner was, but she did include some handwritten recipes, such as this one for "The snappy Oregon beverage."

I bought this because I recently bought a fireless cooker, but there's not really a lot of information on fireless cookers.

The calendar of salads : 365 answers to the daily question: "What shall we have for salad?" / selected and arranged by Elizabeth O. Hiller.  Volland, [1916?]  (Alternate title:  Calendar of salads for 1916).  [In box.]

Camp cookery / by Horace Kephart.  Macmillan, 1937. [Copyright 1910, new edition 1926]

Child life cook book / by Clara Ingram Judson.  Rand McNally, 1926.

Cookery for little girls / by Olive Hyde Foster.  Duffield and Company, 1917.


Cooking without mother's help : a story cook book for beginners / by Clara Ingram Judson.  Nourse, 1920.  (What I can do with my hands books).  [Previous owner:  Margretta]  See my review on Amazon.

Mary and Alice

Cupid's book / compiled and published by E.F. Kiessling and Son, [c1918] [for Vancouver, Wash., and Portland, Ore.]

Dainty desserts / by Ida Bailey Allen. Buzza, [192?] [Cover art: Carrie Dudley]

Delightful dinners / by Ida Bailey Allen. Buzza, [192?] [Cover art: Carrie Dudley]

The enterprising housekeeper : suggestions for breakfast, luncheon and supper / by Helen Louise Johnson. [6th ed.] Enterprise Manufacturing, 1906.

Everyday foods / by Jessie W. Harris and Elisabeth V. Lacey. (Riverside home economics series) Houghton Mifflin, 1927. [Former owners: Faith Stevenson, Hope Stevenson, Cherokee, Iowa] 




Finer flavored milk dishes. Libby, McNeill and Libby, 1919.

Food for two / Ida Bailey Allen.  Garden City Publishing, 1947.

Foods for home and school / by Carlotta C. Greer. Allyn and Bacon, 1945.

Good Housekeeping's book of menus, recipes, and household discoveries. [6th ed.] Good Housekeeping, 1922.

The Green Mountain cook book / Aristene Pixley.  Stephen Daye Press, 1941.  "Yankee recipes from old Vermont kitchens"

Home helps : a pure food cook book, a useful collection of up-to-date, practical recipes by five of the Leading Culinary Experts in the United States: Mrs. Mary J. Lincoln, Lida Ames Willis, Mrs. Sarah Tyson Rorer, Mrs. Helen Armstrong, Marion Harland. N.K. Fairbank, 1910.

How to save eggs using Dr. Price's cream baking powder.  Royal Baking Powder Co., 1917.

It's fun to cook / by Lucy Mary Maltby ; drawings by Ruth King. Junior Literary Guild ; John C. Winston Company, 1938. Adventures of Brownie and Blondie!

Jell-O, America's most famous dessert, at home everywhere / illustrated by Angus Mac Donall.  Genesee Pure Food Co., 1922.

  The Jell-O girl entertains / [illustrated by Rose O'Neill, 1925]  [Sally, the lovely woman who sold me this booklet, told me this Jell-O story:
Just a little story about my Grandpa and Jell-O.  When it first came out, my Grandmother had taken a trip to PA where her people were.  The neighbor lady made Grandpa a nice Jello mold.  Having never seen Jello before, he put it in the cupboard since he did not know that it needed to go in the fridge.  It wiggled.  Actually, he was afraid to even taste it!  When Grandma returned home after a week he showed what the neighbor have sent over that was still in the cupboard - it was no longer very pretty - and not knowing the name of what it was and since Grandma had not seen it before either, Grandpa told her it was "nervous frustration".]



Jolly times cook book : simple recipes for young beginners / by Marjorie Noble Osborn ; illustrations by Clarence Biers.  Rand McNally, 1934.  [Inside front cover:  "To Doris from Nancy Buren" and "V.L. Walser, 1265 N. Summer St., Salem, Oregon"]

Kitchen fun : teaches children to cook successfully / by Louise Price Bell.  Harter Publishing, 1932.  [Cover title: Kitchen fun : a cook book for children]

La Choy book of Chinese recipes. La Choy Food Products, 1925.

A little cook book for a little girl / Caroline French Benton. Page, 1905.

Luscious luncheons and tasty teas / by Ida Bailey Allen. Buzza, [192?] [Cover art: Carrie Dudley]

Meals on wheels : a cook book for trailers and kitchenettes / Lou Willson and Olive Hoover ; with decorations by Barbara Willson.  Modern Age Books, 1937.

The Metropolitan Life cook book. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, [n.d.]. [1930s?]

Midnight feasts : two hundred and two salads and chafing-dish recipes / by May E. Southworth.  Paul Elder and Company, 1914.  [In box]

Mr. Gourmand's strange dreams.  Jell-O Company, [c. 1924-1926]

Mr. Ham goes to town / Caroline B. King.  John Morrell and Co., 1939.  See my review on Amazon.

Mrs. Beeton's cookery book : all about cookery, household work, marketing, trussing carving, etc. [New edition] Lock, 1912.

My "Mrs. Beeton's" formerly belonged to Mrs. Agnes Meadowes. This is the inside of the front cover, with her name at the top.

These are recipes Mrs. Meadowes pasted in: Mrs. Jesmer's best recipe (Newport cake and filling), A Kentucky crumb pie, Lentil soup, Chocolate blanc mange, Bean loaf, Crescent nougat cake, Mapleine icing. Crescent was a Seattle spice company which manufactured an imitation maple flavoring called Mapleine.

This is a recipe in Mrs. Meadowes's own hand for "Cookies." These seem to be a kind of sugar cookie, although they have raisins and nuts. They are baked in a "moderate oven." The recipe is written on stationery from the swanky Hotel Frye, built in 1911.

The National Food Magazine. September 1910
[Former owner: Miss Lyda Cline]

The National Trust book of picnics / compiled by Kate Crookenden, Caroline Worlledge, and Margaret Willes.  The National Trust, 1993.

Nelson's home comforts / by Mary Hooper. [Fifth ed., rev. and enlarged] G. Nelson, Dale and Co., [188?]

New Orleans recipes / by Mary Moore Bremer. [6th ed.] c1932.

The poor chef of Gastronomy.  Jell-O Company, [c. 1928]

Satisfying salads / by Ida Bailey Allen. Buzza, [192?] [Cover art: Carrie Dudley]

The school lunch / illustrated by Carolyn Haywood.  [2d ed.]  Educational Department, Postum Co., 1928.




The silent hostess treasure book.  [5th ed.] General Electric, 1932.

Six little cooks; or Aunt Jane's cooking class / [Elizabeth Stantsbury Kirkland]  Jansen, McClurg, 1883.  [Previous owners:  Inez Jewett (1905-?), Lucyle Jewett (1899-1999; she was a quilter), H.W. Jewett.  They lived in Kansas.]

Some little cooks and what they did / edited by Elisabeth Hoyt.  (Happy hour series)  W.A. Wilde, 1912.  [Illustrated by Josephine Bruce]  See my review on Amazon.

A text-book of cooking / by Carlotta C. Greer. Allyn and Bacon, 1915.

They wanted Jell-O / [illustrated by Rose O'Neill ?, 1910?]

A thousand ways to please a husband, with Bettina's best recipes / by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron ; decorations by Elizabeth Colbourne. A.L. Burt Co., 1917. "The romance of cookery and housekeeping." More gorgeous endpapers.


 A thousand ways to please a husband, with Bettina's best recipes / by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron ; decorations by Elizabeth Colbourne. A.L. Burt Co., [n.d.].   THE MYSTERIOUS REPRINT Big red letters, because I want to make a point.  The only date given in this edition is the same as the original, "copyright 1917 by Britton Publishing Company."  But quacking like a duck doesn't necessarily make you a duck.  The gentleman who sold me this copy told me he thought it was published in 1967 (if memory serves), and although I can find no confirmation in Worldcat it is obviously not as old as 1917.  And I have seen it listed for sale as "A reproduction of a 1917 cookbook, unknown print date."  More importantly it is an abridgement of the original, with only 285 pages, as opposed to 479 pages in the original, and it has no index.  It's still a good book, but if you want all of Bettina's and Bob's adventures go for the original or a reprint of the whole book.  Update:  I just saw this edition listed on Amazon, and described as "Cookbook Collector's Library (1970)."  In addition, I have run across a couple of other instances where it is referred to a a reproduction for the Cookbook Collector's Library.  So I think that settles it.

A thousand ways to please a husband, with Bettina's best recipes : the romance of cookery and housekeeping / by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron. [Complete new revised edition] Blue Ribbon Books, 1932. A whole new Bettina!

A thousand ways to please a family, with Bettina's best recipes / Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron. (The second book in the Bettina series) A.L. Burt, 1922

[Untitled Jell-O booklet] / [illustrated by Angus Mac Donall]  Genesee Pure Food Company, 1925.

War-time cookery : practical recipes designed to aid in the conservation movement / compiled and edited by Miss Edith Blackman.  Ypsilanti Press, 1917.

What Mrs. Dewey did with the new Jell-O! : 48 fascinating new recipes.  G.F. Corp., 1933.  See my review on Amazon.

What six famous cooks say of Jell-O, America's most famous dessert.  Genesee Pure Food Co., 1912.

When mother lets us cook : a book of simple receipts for little folk with important cooking rules in rhyme together with handy lists of the materials and utensiles needed to for the preparation of each dish / by Constance Johnson.  Moffat, Yard and Co., 1909, 1910.  See my  review on Amazon.

When Sue began to cook, with Bettina's best recipes : a beginning cookbook for girls from eight to fifteen / by Louise Bennett Weaver and Helen Cowles LeCron, illustrated by Elizabeth Colborne. A.L. Burt Company, 1924. "Give your table the Bettina touch." [Former owner: Priscilla Marsh, August 4, 1931] [Priscilla Marsh Chamberlain, born August 4, 1921, died April 15, 2011]

The whys of cooking / by Janet McKenzie Hill. Proctor and Gamble Co., 1916. [Former owner: Florence R. McKeever]

Woman's Institute library of cookery. [5 vols.] Woman's Institute of Domestic Sciences and Arts, 1925-1927. [Former owner: Mrs. S.A. Mohatt, Wyoming]