Friday, May 20, 2011

Good news!

 a day on the mountain

Annie makes it to Paradise a day before the Rapture!  Today was the seasonal opening of Paradise Inn on Mount Rainier, and David and I drove up for lunch.  It was a lovely warm sunny day, with people from all over the country and from Germany, India, the Philippines, Japan and China.  And the food was yummy.  Annie had halibut and chips, and David had a venison sloppy joe.   Here's what the mountain looked like:

And the Tatoosh Range

And a few pictures from inside the lodge

Some of the specially made furniture

And here's a photo of a photo of the lodge (from the 20s I think) which hangs on the wall of the lodge.  You can see the clock and the piano and the furniture:

And this is a detail of another photograph, showing the Paradise Inn ghost!  If you look at the boots of the woman sitting on the left you can see the ghostly shoes of another woman, and then look upward to see her shoulders and face.  Cool, huh?

The wind is old and still at play
While I must hurry upon my way.
For I am running to paradise;
Yet never have I lit on a friend
To take my fancy like the wind
That nobody can buy or bind:
And there the king is but as the beggar.
...William Butler Yeats

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Sis said...

Your pictures make me remember how much I love Mt. Rainier and the lodge. We're lucky to live so close to it.