Monday, May 16, 2011

Long Distance Sister-Enhanced Day of Much Sewing Productivity

Today Sis and I are sewing together long distance.  We live 30 or 40 miles apart so getting together to sew isn't practical, but that doesn't mean we can't sew together anyway!  Sis says:  Here is the plan: although LC Camp Shirt is cut out and ready to go I will put it aside for a bit to trace the Loes Hinse Bristol shirt pattern and get it cut out and prepped. I shall then reward myself with lunch and pick up again in the afternoon by starting Camp Shirt. Tea break in the late afternoon will be accompanied by a slice of delightfully pink charlotte framboise.

Louise Cutting camp shirt

Bristol blouse

Totally cool pink dessert Annie isn't going to get any of

This is Annie's commitment for the day:  finish (formerly) secret project number one, which has already been cut out.  The fabric is a semi-sheer rayon/lycra which I bought recently at Nancy's Sewing Basket, and I've cut it out extra large so I can wear it over other tees.

And prep the pattern for (formerly) secret protect number two.  This fabric (also from Nancy's) is a very crisp cotton.

So later in the day.  Here's what Annie has done:

It's nearly done, but I want to find some thread that matches better before I do any stitching that will show.  This fabric is really a pain to work with.  It keeps wanting to curl and has to be tamed with many pins.  Also I managed to snip a tiny hole just below the neck edge in the center front.

Latest word from Sis:  Bristol Blouse has been traced, cut out, marked and prepped. [no pictures yet]

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Sis said...

I have to say, the Charlotte Framboise was completely delicious! It came from Le Panier in the Pike Place Market