Annie's favorite Skyrim pictures

Hot tubbing in Skyrim

A wedding in Skyrim

I just can't resist posting "my" wedding pictures from Skyrim.  Here I (Maegalcarwen) am with my groom, Balimund, the blacksmith from Riften, standing before the altar in the Temple of Mara.  Part of the attraction for me was the prospect of a blacksmith in the family to take care of my equipment.  Also he has a cool voice.

As you can see, he hasn't had a wash or changed his clothes. I suddenly began to have grave doubts about this marriage.

Here is a shot of our friends gathered to see us wed. Rather uncouth, but nice folk.

And here is a picture of my new husband heading out the door. The instant I said my vows he was out of there, no kiss no nothing. In fact, he beat everyone out the door.

As if that weren't humilating enough, when I got to his (our?) house the door was locked. So I picked the lock and was immediately arrested for breaking and entering. Wedding night in the clink! Now we have settled down in one of my houses, where he spends most of the day sitting around. He set up a shop, and he charges me for anything I want!

Dragon hunting in Skyrim

One day Farkie and I went dragon hunting.  This particular hunt ended when the dragon made a grave miscalculation. It  hit the ground with its belly, skidded a hundred yards and slammed into the word wall.  Easy pickings for us!

Sometimes things go wrong

Nearly naked courier!

Get off the sidewalk!

Floating sword

Floating ax

No horses on the sidewalk!

Many Louies

When the battle comes...

The loose Louies abandon the stuck one!

Building my house

The Flying Troll

This week I killed a frost troll high up in the mountains near Winterhold, and as the body slid down the path it somehow managed to escape "gravity," and flew away, tossing and tumbling as it went.  I followed it mile after mile, sometimes nearly losing it when I had to stop to fight, but finally I saw it come to rest in the Sea of Ghosts.

You can see the troll behind the banner at the top

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