Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday at the zoo

We are so lucky to have two outstanding zoos in our area.  We love zoos so much that for awhile we lived across the street from Woodland Park Zoo and went nearly every day.  Imagine waking up to elephants trumpeting (this was in the old days when they were near the road) and siamangs calling to one another.  So yesterday we went to there to see the new dinosaur exhibit.  It was superb!

Here's the dilophosaurus.  It spits!  It spits about 5 feet out over the path to the great delight of little boys.

The parasaurolophus

The T Rex with its idiot arms

Baby dinosaurs!  They move and they chirp.  One is emerging from its egg.

And of course, dinosaur appropriate vegetation

Also seen, cool zoo art

A bucket of snow leopard poop

A solar compactor, placed where the sun don't shine

And David's picture of the fabulous two-headed bear

I, of course, carried my zoo purse which attracts a lot of attention from both little girls and little boys.

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pam said...

Great pictures. I love the spitter!