Hattie the Cattie

Hattie sleeps:

Hattie sews:

Hattie loves flowers:

Hattie says F Off::

Hattie likes bearclaws:

Hattie hates the furnace man:

Hattie gets mad because someone put the remote control too near her:

Hattie giving Sis the Eyeball!

Followed by The Claw!


She has triumphed!

Big and grouchy!

Hattie is a bookmark

It's 90 degrees!  Where could Hattie be?  Hot Weather Hattie!

Sis endures 20 minutes of the Eyeball after telling Hattie she can't get in Sis's lap.

Bad Hattie won't get out of Sis's hat!

Hattie pretends to be a good girl

All that's left of her

Hattie finds out she's going to go visit auntie:

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