Friday, May 28, 2010

Waiting for a sunny day

Not that I'm fond of sunny days, but I can't do a "photo shoot" of my new skirts until the sun comes out.  Since I got my machine back, I finished the striped linen skirt, a rayon crepe skirt, and a brown embroidered cotton skirt.

Hemming the striped skirt with a Sewing Bird!

I bid on a buttonholer which Goodwill was selling, and I won the bid!  Only $5 plus shipping.  And it's just like the one my mother had (now in Sis's possession).  Now I just need to get my old, old, old machine reconditioned and I'll be able to do the buttonholes on the embroidered blouse.

Minkie says hello!


Sis said...

I think Minkie is saying: "It's freaking cold in here, light one of these freaking logs on fire, already. Sheesh." Or, possibly not.

Annie said...

Gosh, that's just what she said! How did you know?