Friday, June 4, 2010

Fitting woes

I have been working on the Burda jacket pattern, and it's breaking my heart.  Yesterday I altered the pattern and this morning I sewed the muslin.  Big crappy flop.  The back is too tight, the armholes way too tight, and the darts are about an inch too low.  And there are probably other things wrong that I haven't even discovered yet.  It's enough to make you stop sewing, forever!  Well, it really just needs more work, which I'm not in the mood for.  Fortunately, I have another project going.  I bought a gorgeous silk/cotton print from Emma One Sock.  I'm going to use the Louise Cutting pattern once again, because I know it will fit (!!!) and because the simple uncomplicated cut will show off the print beautifully.

Altering the Burda pattern, take one:

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