Friday, March 16, 2012

Challenge for next year's Sewing Expo

Sis and I have decided to have a Challenge to sew things for next year's Puyallup Sewing Expo. Here are the rules (so far, and subject to change!).

  • Four outfits for the four days of the expo. An outfit means two or more pieces, made during the coming year.
  • One outfit will include a dress.
  • One outfit will include a me-made accessory.
  • One item will use a technique we have not used before.
  • One item will be in a bright color, but for Sis it can't be red.
  • For one item Sis and Annie will use the same pattern.

Sis -- did I miss anything?

Hi Annie - I don't think you missed anything! I'm looking forward to getting started. Lord knows it will probably take me all year to sew four outfits at the rate I'm going.......

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