Monday, January 16, 2012

Return to Sister-Enhanced Sewing

Oooo! Are you there, Sis? I've got the "invalid" fed and he seems comfortable, so it's time to return to sewing. Here are a couple of pictures of the state of my current project, Silver Moon.

Annie - So pretty! I particularly like the pocket flaps and the seaming in the back. That fabric is so unusual. It looks as though it should be stiff, but I know how soft it is. You will look fabulous in this.

My goal for the day is to get three little buttonholes done. How hard could that be...?

xo, Sis

Thanks, Sis!  But if you get three little buttonholes done, you will probably have done more than me.  I'm returning to nursing for the moment.  And I think I'll go kill something in Skyrim.

oxox Annie


pam said...

It is beautiful! What more can I say.

Annie said...

Wow, thanks, Pam! Now if I can just finish it.