Friday, January 13, 2012

Long Distance Sister-Enhanced Day of Much Sewing Productivity number 2!

Actually two days of Long Distance Sister-Enhanced Sewing, on Sunday and Monday. Sis lives in north Seattle and Annie lives in south Tacoma (worst luck), so sewing in the same room doesn't happen very often. But that doesn't mean they can't sew together anyway. I wonder what they will create.


Annie -
It's snowing like crazy here! I'm in the midst of Saturday chores, but here is what I'm planning to work on tomorrow:
It's a pencil skirt from Pamela's Patterns; I've used her tshirt pattern before and been really happy with it, so I'm excited to try the skirt.
The fabric is a great black and white knit from EmmaOneSock. Once the skirt is fitted it will be an easy sew. Ummmm...I know I said I wasn't buying anymore fabric til Sewing Expo in Puyallup but who could resist this tres mod stylized houndstooth?

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