Sunday, January 15, 2012

Annie weasels out!

Let's see. Last time we did a distance sew, I got a migraine. This time my excuse is having spent half the night in the Emergency Room with a sick husband. All is well now, but if I had to sew right now I'd probably sew my thumbs together.

Oh no, poor youse guys! I hope all is well or at least well drugged..ahahahaha

In your honor I am bravely continuing on alone with Solo Sister Sewing Day. Skirt is cut out and the side seams and darts basted and ready to fit. I like this pattern because she has pushed the front and back waist darts closer to the side seams, thereby minimizing any possible stomach pooch that might occur (had one a poochy stomach), and making it easier to fit. I stupidly cut it a little short so it will have a skimpy hem, but I think it will be fine. The fabric is very pleasant to sew. It's soft and has a tiny bit of surface texture. It shall be worn with black boots and tights.

I'm pausing now for lunch: a latte and potstickers. So global!

xoxo, Sis

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