Monday, August 22, 2011

Sewing in the blood

It all began so innocently.  I was just having a bit of a wheeze imagining this book cover being ripped open by a vampire.  Honestly!  It was just a joke.

Vogue's book of smart dressmaking
But something there is that does not love a joke.  Why oh why did I not realize there was something seriously wrong when the second book mysteriously arrived in the mail?  But no, I made fun of it too.

Vogue dressmaking book

But now I am very seriously worried, frightened even.  Because today a third sinister book arrived in the mail, and now she's looking right at me!

McCall's sewing book, dressmaking made easy

Think I'm over reacting?  Then explain what these two are doing, because it isn't sewing as I know it.  Why has the little girl just ripped off her mother's sleeve?  Or, since she is holding a pincushion, is she about to set the sleeve in the sleeve cap while her mother is wearing the blouse.  And look at the little girl's teeth.  Is it my imagination, or are those milk tooth fangs?  Look too at the way the mother is holding those scissors half hidden in her hand.  But here's the real give away, the thing that can't just be explained away -- one of the headings in the table of contents is for "slashed neck openings!"  I've sewn for 50 years and I've never encountered slashed neck openings, and I don't want to now.

I am sew frightened!  Who is sending me these books and why?


pam said...

Did you notice? It looks as if the Mother has painted red fingernails! Aieeee! Then again maybe you should spend the afternoon painting your finger and toenails!

Annie said...

If I paint my nails will I be safe?