Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pleasures of late summer

Sis and her husband have this week off from work.  Yesterday they went for a drive and ended up in Pendleton, Oregon.  Meanwhile, I have put off all sewing until the start of National Sewing Month.  Instead I've been canning.  I've never done this before and it's lots of fun.  So far I have made spiced peaches and pickled beets.

Spiced peaches

Peaches and beets

And today I'm canning pickled vegetable salad: green beans, yellow beans, red bell peppers, red onion, cauliflower and mushrooms.
Fresh veg!

Veg prepared
The canning supplies and equipment are ready, I just need to wait for the jars to sanitize in the dishwasher.  And for that huge pot to heat up.

Makes me feel like my greatgrandmothers!  Not my grandmothers, of course, both of whom were legendarily lazy.

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