Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hi Annie!
Don't tell anyone, but I STILL haven't done the button holes in the Louise Cutting top. Yay, I am the procrastination winner!
Today, however, I altered, traced and cut out the Lisette jacket, Simplicity 2209. I did a forward shoulder adjustment, took some ease out of the sleeve cap, lengthed the sleeve by 3 inches (ape arms!) and lengthened the body by 3 inches (I'm tall!). It still needs to be marked and I probably won't start sewing til later in the week. Still, it's nice to be making some progress. On that anyway... The picture doesn't show the color of the fabric particularly well - it's a black, brown and cream silk noil.
I had barely enough fabric, and since I'm not overly fond of it, I may consider this a (possibly) wearable muslin. As you know, I have my eye on that magenta wool/silk blend at Pacific Fabrics. And I'm looking forward to the fabrics at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup.
Right now, it's time for a delightful snack, and then back to marking the fabric.
I think Mme. Hattie approves of the pattern, but her fretful eyebrow marks make it hard to tell!
xoxo, Sis


Annie said...

No I win the procrastination prize! I'm not sewing at all. I'm looking forward to seeing the wearable muslin. And we must go back to Pacific Fabrics and buy all the lovely things we saw.

pam said...

I am wondering if Hattie is a Turkish Van?

Sis said...

Oh,that never occured to me. I wonder if she might be part Van! She certainly does love to play with the water in the tub and two differently colored eyes are common in Vans. I shall ask her when I get home tonight!