Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here is my Christmas present to you all: Kirk Munroe's "The Mince Pie Prince." It was my mother's book, but it must have originally belonged to her mother or her aunts. It was published in 1897. The pictures were "tinted" by the hand of some unknown child relative. Sis -- who do the pictures remind you of?

Oh my, it's the spitting image of him, is it not?! I always loved this book as a little kid, but I also found it a little scary, in the way the best fairy tales are. And since mince pie was my favorite holiday dessert it was something of a cautionary tale as well....I didn't want to turn into the M P Princess! xo, Sis

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pam said...

This is wonderful. I particularly like the hand tinting. Perhaps the child was given a mince pie in payment?