Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing Expo

It's over and I'm feeling the same kind of let down I used to feel the day after Christmas.  Boy, it was fun!  Sis and I went together on Thursday and Friday.  First we went to Marta Alto's two hour shirt class, which was as expected excellent.  Then we shopped, oh did we shop!  We spent hours at Marcy Tilton's booth pouring over beauties.  I was looking for something I had seen on her website, and wow! she not only brought it, but it was half off!  I'll post pictures of the fabric haul later (I have to re-do them all, they're so washed out), but here are the patterns I bought:

Sis was wearing a top she made from this, with embroidered net (with zoo animals!) on the sleeves.

I am actually going to make some jeans.  Maybe.  I don't know what's gotten in to me.  I also bought the Palmer/Pletsch Jeans for Real People dvd.

I had such fun last year with Louise Cutting's Relax a Little pattern (Orange You Glad and Conversation Print blouses) that I wanted more of her patterns.  I've already traced this one out and I'm going to muslin it today.  More on that later.

They gave me a free set of toggles with this one!  It's designed to go with a couple of her shell patterns, which I will pick up later.

I do like a good camp shirt!

Altogether we had a great time.  Our expo outfits were complimented and we saw wonderful things that other people had made.  We ate scones.  I was glad to see the Dutch lace man back this year, but I missed Mary Lou Rankin and Diane Erickson.  And most of all I missed La Fred.

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