Friday, August 5, 2016

Visit to Mount Rainier

There was a long line at the entrance (Paradise side), but with our National Park senior pass, we got to go right in.  Parking, on the other hand, was ghastly.  One hundred years ago last weekend there were only 800 visitors to Mt. Rainier, and 147 cars.  This year it was more like a million.  Well, a lot, anyway.

We took the Nisqually Vista Trail, a short loop out to look at Nisqually Glacier.  It has certainly changed in the forty years since the first time I saw it.  

The meadows are in full bloom, and it's wonderful to see how they've grown back over the years.  Here are some of what's in bloom, with what I hope are correct identifications.

Magenta paintbrush
Sitka valerian

Broadleaf arnica

I never get tired of taking pictures of the mountain.


And we finished off with a really good lunch at Longmire.


pam said...

I'm with you. There can never be too many pictures of Mt. Rainier. It never gets old.

Annie said...

Yeah! Aren't we lucky to live here?