Monday, February 15, 2016

So...I got a couple things done over the Presidents' Day weekend.  The pictures are not so great because it's pouring down rain outside and I don't want to drag Hedy out into that. She's posing in the messy laundry room instead; please disregard mess and admire a couple of perfect neckbands.

The first one, Simplicity 1071, is made from a remnant that I believe Annie gave me a few years ago.  It's a two layer textured knit in an odd plummy brown and taupe color.   The neckline is higher and rounder than the Vogue 9057 below, and the fit is much boxier.  I like them both!

The second is  another iteration of Vogue 9057, which I've made a couple times now.  I love the fit of the shoulders and the curve of the hem.  The fabric is a very light weight polyester from Pacific Fabrics in shades of taupe, cream, brown, orange and gold.
The picture on the right gives a better feel for the colors.

It's possible I may get a jacket cut out this weekend too!


Annie said...

They are both beautiful, especially the band on the first one. But are you sure I gave you the fabric? I'm sure I've never seen it before.

Sis said...

ummm..pretty sure. I think you bought it and then weren't crazy about the color? Unless that's another sister I'm thinking of....