Saturday, January 11, 2014

Doll Brown finished!

Although I'm seriously considering changing its name to Velvet Misery.  My dears, you have no idea of the scope of my sufferings.  First of all, the velvet kept slipping.  I tried basting every which way with pins, hand basting, and even stapling the damn pieces together and still they slipped.  I had the best luck with iron-on basting strips, in places where they could be used, and a combination of hand basting and swearing everywhere else.  That was the worst.  Then there was the problem of getting the band to line up properly in front.  That was the worst, too.  Finally there was the horrific pin injury to my finger that laid me up for a whole afternoon, and also gave me a good Thanksgiving day story.

Anyway, here are place marker pictures.  There is nowhere in the house I can take a good picture, and if I took Dahlia outside as I usually do, both she and the jacket would be in Commencement Bay within 10 minutes, it's so windy out today.


pam said...

Well, all that fussing and fuming was worth it. It is very lovely.

Annie said...

Thanks! I think it is, too, but I am a bit biased!

Sis said...

Oh, the Doll is just lovely. I think the use of the velvet was inspired, even though it was a giant PITA.