Saturday, July 14, 2012

Window Pane blouse finished!

Having re-grown my thumb, I finished the Window Pane blouse yesterday!  It's so beautiful, I swoon every time I look at it.  I think, however, that the next time I make this blouse I will come down a size or two.

Here is Dahlia modeling the Window Pane by the rose garden (with David's handmade fence in the background).

Now it's on to Vogue 8813.

PS  Happy Birthday, Sis!


pam said...

Oh my, it looks so lovely in the garden. You must wear it to the rose garden by the Zoo. I like how the fabric reflects the light so nicely.

Annie said...

Thanks, Pam! I am embarrassingly proud of it. Except that it scratches.

Sis said...

Thanks for the birthday gifts, Annie! I love Windowpane - I'm visualizing you wearing it on your Greek cruise.