Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Next project: the pegged skirt

This will be my first project using my new Wild Ginger PatternMaster software.  I should have waited and done a fitting garment first, but I wanted a black skirt to wear with Read All About It when we go to the museum tomorrow (Gauguin!).  It's not going to happen however, since I've got a frightful migraine, but at least I made a start.  And obviously I have a lot to learn.  The pattern printed out on 44 sheets, due to my not having completely read the manual.  But I find manuals make more sense if you've actually used the software already.  I then pieced the pages together, and traced them onto swedish pattern paper, and found that the skirt will be much longer than I intended -- pay attention to details!  Now I'm going to go sit in the dark somewhere.

It's going to be a mid-calf length pegged skirt, with three darts on each side in the front and the back, and either a kick pleat or a back slit.  No pockets this time, and unlined.

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