Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turning a stupid mistake into a pretty design feature

Hot Patterns come not on tissue paper, but on good heavy paper so your pattern will last.  So, I traced out the size I wanted on Swedish pattern paper and started to cut out.  When I reached the front facing piece I mistook my own markings, and cut on the grain marking line instead of the cutting line. 

Many, many bad words were said before I realized it didn't have to be a disaster.  First of all, it's on an inside piece, which won't be seen very often, and secondly it was a chance to make my coat even prettier.

First I darned the cut neatly closed.

Then I spent a long time in Nancy's wonderful ribbon room deciding which ribbon would bring me the most hidden happiness.  Finally, I decided on this one, and stitched it neatly in place.  Now it is so very pretty!  And like no one else's in the world.


Sis said...

So pretty! I love how the stripe on the ribbon is at right angles to the stripe on the jacket. I can hardly wait to see the finished gorgeousness.

pam said...

Well, are you clever!