Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wien, nur Wien!

Caryatids everywhere you turn.

Goethe, in the courtyard of the Hofburg.

Beautiful gold art nouveau building near the Naschmarkt.

Cafe and gift shop at the Naturhistorisches Museum.

Art nouveau shop front off K├Ąrntnerstrasse.

Peterskirche , where we heard Mozart concert.

Homemade sauerkraut at the Naschmarkt.


Venus of Willensdorf in her temple at the Naturhistorisches Museum.

Sis's Venus of Willensdorf story (she was in kindergarten):

"It was clay day (my favorite day!) and all the other kids were making clay snakes and blobs. So unimaginative! I had seen Venus in your (or someone's) art history book and wanted to re-create her. Mrs. Myers was outraged. I remember trying to explain to her that the Venus was a significant Neanderthal fertility artifact but she wouldn't listen! I was sent home in ignominy."

This is what happens if you're a superbright child with several superbright older siblings.

Homemade vinegars at the Naschmarkt.

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