Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snowball's chance in Paradise

A snowball's chance in Paradise was extremely good yesterday, it's the wildflowers that are having a hard time.  Just look at this picture of Mount Rainier David took at noon yesterday.

Mount Rainier at the end of July

Can't see a mountain?  You can't see wildflowers either.  This was taken from the parking lot at Paradise, and these are the meadows that are usually full of wildflowers by this time.  And it wasn't even 50 degrees!  There were a few flowers, of course, confined to the narrow margins between snow and parking lot.  We saw sapphire lupine, bistort, a few heathers, pearly everlasting that was just beginning to flower, and one lonely ragged avalanche lily.
This year's wildflower "meadows"

I am, of course, exaggerating for effect.  There's this meadow, for instance.

At least we had a good breakfast at Longmire. Mmmm! I do love their breakfasts.

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Sis said...

Snowfall accumulation at the Paradise ranger station was almost 500 inches! Your poor wildflowers are still shivering in their snow boots. Thanks for posting pictures - it's beautiful even in the mist.