Monday, February 21, 2011

Minkie and Jack

Minkie has made a wonderful recovery.  After a month of spa cuisine (i.e. people food) she is once again plump and fluffy, and she has her neck ruff back.  And best of all, her seizures seem to be under control.  Here's Minkie before and after.

Meanwhile, Jack came home from his radiation on Saturday.  He is wretchedly thin and for the first two days seemed to have trouble eating anything.  Even small pieces of cheese seemed difficult for him to manage.  But after a couple of good meals of ham and salmon, he finally seems to be settling down.  I'm hoping to have my 18 pounder back soon


stevenl said...

Yay! Catnip all around for everyone, gang!

Anonymous said...

Oh Minkie looks much better. I am sure that Jack will be happy to get the spa treatment as well.

Annie said...

I think Jack is too much of a mutt to know he's getting spa treatment. Still he's my mutt and I love him.