Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on EWW

I had been thinking I should have chosen Edith's initials more carefully, until I started to work on her insides.  EEEEWWW!

First, taking the thingy off that holds the bobbin in place.  This is held in with a screw, so bobbin changing isn't done in a snap.  It took quite some work to work it free.

Yay, the bobbin fell out!  Also lots of crud.

Inside the bobbin case the metal was bright and shiny as if it were brand new.  Lots more crud up in there too, though.

And then I took hold of a bit of fluff, and pulled, and pulled, and pulled... Damn!  A spider egg case!  Well, I guess that's really appropriate, isn't it?  Edith sheltering another lady fiber worker. 

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