Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another day at the Zoo!

Someone (and he knows who he is) has been making remarks that this seems to be becoming a zoo blog rather than a sewing blog.  Well, it's my bloody buggery blog and I shall do as I like.  It was an amazingly beautiful fall day at Point Defiance today, and the visitors were almost all adults, which made it very peaceful.  Best of all it was feeding time for the cats, which meant that the clouded leopard cubs finally came down from their aerial perch.

Here's a view of the entrance, with Commencement Bay out behind.

The clouded leopard cubs are very young (born the middle of July) and until today all I had seen of them were their thick furry tails hanging down from their roost at the top of the enclosure.  But dinner is worth coming down for!  First Nah Fun, the boy (I'm guessing), gets scooped up around his wiry middle and put in a wooden box.  Then Chai Li, the girl, is put on top of the box to eat her supper.  When she's done Nah Fun gets to come out of the box and have his.  They look kind of reptilian, don't they? I've always thought there was something kind of snaky about cats.

The tiger cubs are a couple of months older, and they are as round and chubby as the cloudeds are sleek.  Here is Bima, the boy, first posing for pictures, then heading off to get his supper.  (I can tell this is Bima as his face markings are very different from his sister's.)

And here's Raya and her daughter, Mali.

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