Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's National Sewing Month!

And I'm sewing again!  Sis and I have challenged each other to sew every day of September.  Except (for her) when off on fabulous vacations, and (for me) when celebrating a birthday.  This morning I cut out the muslin for a boiled wool jacket, using this pattern:

The fabric is a lovely dark brown boiled wool I bought from Emma One Sock last year.

After that I'm going to make myself a 49er jacket.  (I am myself a 49er so I especially deserve one.)  Over the summer I picked up a 1948 pattern that will be just perfect once I've graded it to my size.  For the fabric, I'm going to use a brown and cream Pendleton plaid I bought in Portland last year.  And I have a lovely dark brown wool for a skirt to go with it.

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