Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally! Another project finished

This is my Orange You Glad blouse, which I am very proud of!

I used Louise Cutting's new pattern, Relax A Little, which I picked up at the Puyallup Sewing Expo, autographed by Louise!  It's a lovely pattern, easy to make, with Louise's usual very helpful tips.  The fabric is a semi-sheer tangerine silk shot with an orange metallic thread.  I bought it a couple of years ago at Nancy's Sewing Basket.  It's sans pockets.  I'm not wild about non-usable pockets.  A couple more pictures:

Isn't it a gorgeous fabric?

I've never before been interested in Spring and Summer sewing, but this year is different, perhaps because of Sis's inspiration.  So lots more things coming soon!


Anonymous said...

The color is gorgeous, I'm sure you'll love wearing it!
xoxo Sis

Annie said...

Wow, my first comment! Thanks, Sis!